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Chateau Dior

Departures The French designer created the most commanding silhouette of 20th-century fashion. Now the house where he found inspiration and respite has been masterfully refreshed and restored. [captio... read more

Romancing The Highlands

Departures Bewitched by the cult TV costume drama Outlander, Patricia Morrisroe spends nine days driving through Scotland, in search of the breathtaking castles, mysti... read more

You Must Remember This…

Departures Magazine For the past few years, I've bought practically everything online.  It's easy convenience, and when I open the beautiful box with its multiple layers of tissue paper, I can pretend that a secret admirer has sent me a present.  Recently, though, I've been yearning for... read more

Nostalgia: Pleasure Principle

Vogue A chance encounter with New York City society doyenne Nan Kempner led to Patricia Morrisroe's education in the art of having fun. Two summers ago, while strolling around... read more

Breaking Point

Vogue Slender and at risk for Osteoporosis, Patricia Morrisroe began taking medicine daily. Now, ten years later, she wonders: did the drugs do more harm than good? No body would ever call... read more

Nostalgia: Swept Away

Vogue Young and in love, Patricia Morrisroe moved into her boyfriend's Sutton Place apartment only to have her visions of a romantic summer subsumed by a family drama. When I was in a used-bo... read more

Vanishing Points

Travel & Leisure MY GRANDMOTHER HAD lots of secrets. Even her entry into Ellis Island made for a good mystery. Somehow, en route from London in 1909, she lost her steamer trunk, arriving in the New ... read more

Holiday on Ice

Departures Magazine I am totally crazy about Christmas. That, coupled with my insomnia, usually resulted in A restless Christmas Eve. Keeping vigil at my bedroom window, opera glasses in hand, I’d stare at ... read more

The Demon Romantics

Vanity Fair When a Cincinnati museum was charged with obscenity for showing Robert Mapplethorpe’s photographs, his name became synonymous with “deviant” art. In an excerpt from her biography, Patricia Morrisroe untangles the Gordian knot of Mapplethorpe’s work and his sexuality, and examin... read more

American Beauty

New York Magazine People were actually weeping. Anita Gallo, former fashion·merchandising director of Altman's, couldn't control herself.  She kept on wiping away the tears with the knuckle of her index f... read more

The New Snobbery

New York Magazine George Carroll Whipple III is running up and down the hallway of the Seventh Regiment Armory, hanging dozens of poster-size photographs of his friends.  "Isn't this fun?" he asks, lett... read more

Bess and the Mess

New York Magazine Bess Myerson does not keep a near pocketbook. She's dumping the contents of her purse onto a couch, and little scraps of paper-quotations she's scribbled from books-are everywhere. ... read more


New York Magazine When Becky London was growing up in Philadelphia, she dreamed of becoming an actress and moving to New York. "I wanted to have a place like Marlo Thomas had in That Girl," says London, 27. "I knew I'd have to struggle, and that m... read more

AIDS: One Man’s Story

New York Magazine "I could never think about my own death," says Victor Bender, sitting in his apartment on a clear July afternoon.  "I wanted to live forever.  It was too unimaginable not to be b... read more


New York Magazine "Gyuri had a terrible disease," says a baldish man huddled over a corner table in the tiny Hungarian Café.  "It was eating him alive.  he was losing weight and his skin was getting paler and pal... read more

Restaurant Madness

New York Magazine The customers are lined up on the street, waiting to get into the newest Italian restaurant on Third Avenue.  Those fortunate enough to reach the bar drink Bellinis, a concoction o... read more

Forever Single

New York Magazine "Last night, I had a terrible dream. The weight of the world was on my shoulders, and it was pressing me into the ground. I screamed for help, but nobody came. When I woke up, I wanted somebody to hold me. But it was... read more

Portrait of a Lady

New York Magazine The digital clock on top of the Apple Bank on West 73rd Street flashes 3 p.m.  At the side entrance of the Fairway Market, a dozen elderly women rummage through several shopping ca... read more

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