The NextTribe Interview with Patricia Morrisroe, author of the novel The Woman in the Moonlight

We are so fortunate to welcome the acclaimed journalist Patricia Morrisroe (New York magazine, Vanity Fair, Vogue) to one of our Thursday evening talks. Morrisroe wrote the definitive biography of Robert Mapplethorpe and Wide Awake, a memoir of insomnia. Her new book,is her first novel and for it, she steps back to 19th-Century Vienna, to tell the romantic and tragic story behind one of classical music’s most famous compositions.

Set against a rich historical backdrop,  The Woman in the Moonlight is an exhilarating ode to eternal passion. An epic tale of love, loss, rivalry, and political intrigue. A stirring portrait of a titan who wrestled with the gods and a woman who defied convention to inspire him.

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