Lara Prescott

An intoxicating novel about love, art, and life. Just as Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” moves one from tears to hope, so does Patricia Morrisroe’s story of the woman who inspired the sonata.

The Irish Times

A must-read for fellow insomniacs.  Morrisroe approaches the topic with the zeal of a researcher – always armed with her fabulous wit.

Barbara Quick

Brava to Patricia Morrisroe for creating such a lively and meticulously researched page-turner.   Her touching debut novel is a tribute to the courage and sacrifice demanded both by art and what is commonly called true love.

Sheila Weller

Captivating and emotionally compelling.  Morrisroe writes with intelligence and great wit.”  Her spirited heroine is simply unforgettable.   I could not put it down.

Stephanie Cowell

I was utterly absorbed in this beautiful story of the brilliant, impossible Beethoven and the lovely countess who inspired one of his greatest sonatas. The story is so moving I was sorry to come to the last pages. I read them with tears in my eyes.

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